Letter from Immaculate

Immaculate Kemunto

Letter from Immaculate


Hi my name is Immaculate, I am in form three. I like reciting chorales and singing.

I like mathematics and business studies but physics is one of my weak areas.

Here are my views on having women presidents:

This is the high time that women have to stand out and exercise their leadership qualities.

We have to stop the mentality that women cannot be leaders. Women stand for what they believe in.

This is one outstanding character that will make women do glorious things because they know that the output will be beneficial.

Women have motherly love and because of this they will help the people to express the same love that will help the people to be accommodating and patriotic to one’s country. Women are firm in making decisions and due to this factor, they can make wise decisions that will help the people grow and become outstanding in character. Women are good managers. They can control the country in the right way and makes everything work out well.

Women are supportive in many fields that they work.

We have outstanding women who have supported people in their weaknesses.

In conclusion, we are all leaders, women are supposed to take the step and be the presidents of nations and lead people in the right manner.

— Immaculate