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Letter from Arabella

Dear Friend, My name is Arabella. I am twelve years old and in seventh grade. I attend Saint Hilary School in California. Where I go to school you can see the Bay of Richardson from the classrooms. What I like most about our view is the Golden Gate Bridge. When it’s not foggy, you can see the sleek red bridge from …

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Letter from Avery

Dear Friend, My name is Avery and I am taught at Saint Hilary school, in Tiburon, which is very close to San Francisco. Saint Hilary is a friendly community, and I am grateful to receive my education there. What is your school like? I am twelve years old and my favorite subject would have to be literature because I love …

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Letter from Andrea

Dear Friend, My name is Andrea Antolin and I am 11 years  old. I attend Saint Hilary in Tiburon, near San Francisco, California. I am really exited to write to you!!! I like playing soccer with all my friends. What’s your favorite sport? What’s is a typical school day for you in Kenya? Andrea

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Letter from Alexa

Dear Friend, Hello! How is your school going so far? Mine has been okay (you know how school can be). Do you play any sports? I love to dance and I am on a team at our local studio. Kenya sounds like an such an amazing and cool place. I hope to visit one day! As you may or may …

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Letter from Emma

Dear Friend, My name is Emma. I live in California, a state in America, and I attend Saint Hilary School in Tiburon. I am twelve years old and am in the seventh grade. I love my school and the place I live in for many reasons. There are many rolling hills and mountains and beautiful, deep blue bays surrounding us. …

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Letter from James

Dear Friend, I am a two year old member of PFA which stands for Pencils for Africa. It is an educational program that works to change the narrative of Africa by teaching about it’s cultures and peoples. I have just started my seventh grade year at my school. The class I am looking forward to is history because we are going …

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Letter from Kyle

  Dear Friend, I am part of the PFA program at Saint Hilary school. PFA stands for Pencils for Africa, which is an educational program at my school that works to change the narrative of Africa by teaching about it’s culture and people. I can’t wait to get to know you and write to you. My name is Kyle and I am …

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Letter from Kaelee

Hello Friend, I just joined Pencils For Africa, an educational program at my school that works to change the narrative of Africa by teaching about it’s cultures and peoples. I am learning so much about Akili Dada. At my school I really enjoy history and learning about our past. I hope you enjoy history and school as well because my …

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Letter from Kate

Dear Friend, Hi, my name is Kate. I live somewhere called Marin County. It is a small town in California. We have been learning about Akili Dada and it sounds like an amazing program. I saw that you wear a uniform. We do too! Ours are mostly blue, khaki, red and white.  Do you like wearing a uniform? I play …

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Letter from Molly

Dear Friend, Hi! My name is Molly and I am in 7th grade. I go to Saint Hilary School in Tiburon California. I have a big brother who graduated from Saint Hilary last year, and is now in high school at Saint Ignatius. My dad goes to work in the city of San Francisco every morning and my mom is …

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Letter from Viet

Dear Friend, I hope you had a grand summer. I have been researching Kenya’s landscape and it is pretty different from where I live near the city of San Francisco. Kenya’s landscape is very beautiful and has many plants. The trees are large and the branches are spread out more with a kind of flat tree top. Near San Francisco …

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