Letter from Arabella


Letter from Arabella


Dear Friend,

My name is Arabella. I am twelve years old and in seventh grade.

I attend Saint Hilary School in California. Where I go to school you can see the Bay of Richardson from the classrooms. What I like most about our view is the Golden Gate Bridge. When it’s not foggy, you can see the sleek red bridge from the top of the hill.

Can you see anything beautiful at your school?

I get up around six every morning to get ready for school. I have to be at school by eight. I end school at three in the afternoon. When do you start and finish school? After school I will usually have ballet classes. I got my point shoes about one year ago! I also sometimes enjoy running.

Is there anything you enjoy doing? I live near San Fransisco. Some famous features where I live are the Golden Gate Bridge and Lombard street. I personally enjoy going to the beach. What is your favorite place near your home?

I someday wish to visit Kenya. I have heard so much about the beautiful landscape and incredible communities there. What is the weather like? Usually my weather is slightly chilly and foggy.

I have one sister, Marina, who is ten years old. I also have three dogs. They are all slightly on the small side. Sparky, the oldest dog, is chubby with white curly hair, but Lupita, the middle dog, is skinny with light brown fur. The puppy, Gnocchi, is stocky with a soft dirty blonde coat.

Do you have any siblings or any pets?

My favorite foods are peaches and ice cream. What is you favorite food?

Do you speak any other languages? My mother is from Italy and my father is from Chile. As a result, I speak Italian and some Spanish, but English is my first language. What is you favorite subject at school? I enjoy art and math classes. I also like literature.

I have enjoyed writing to you so much. I hope you have an incredible day.