Letter from Carly


Letter from Carly


Hello Friend!

My name is Carly, and I am an eighth grade student.

I attend a Catholic school in Tiburon, California, a town near San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. I have brown, curly hair and brown eyes. Throughout the year, I play soccer, volleyball, and basketball on my school and city teams, and I play the piano.

The city I live in, Tiburon, is surrounded by water on three sides, providing for a scenic view of the bay and ocean from most places around town. Specifically, I live in a small area of Tiburon called Belvedere, where my house sits at the top of a hill, surrounded by trees. From my house, there is a view of the bay on the left, the city’s lagoon out front, and the Pacific Ocean on the left.

Everyday, my school day consists of ten classes, and one extra-curricular activity.

My ten classes are science, math, literature, English, history, religion, physical education, art, music, and Spanish. Personally, my favorite class is math because of the fact that math mainly consists of problem solving. On the other hand, my least favorite classes are English and literature because Ido not enjoy writing. The extra-curricular activity that I take part in is “Pencils for Africa”.

Pencils for Africa is an educational program that works to change the narrative of Africa, by teaching about it’s culture and people.

I am writing to you right now because of this program. Since fourth grade, I have been a part of Pencils for Africa, and I have learned a lot about the continent of Africa through the program. At the moment, we are discussing the topics of “Girl Smart Africa” and “What is Smart?”

Girl Smart Africa is a branch of Pencils for Africa that works to empower girls.

As I am a girl myself, I feel passionately about the fact that every girl should have the opportunity to give her opinion and have a voice in the community.

What is Smart? is another branch of Pencils for Africa that discusses the definition of smart.

While the first thing that comes to mind when we think of the word “smart” may be grades on a test, there are many more sides to the word. Personally, I feel that every human being on this earth is smart. Whether they are incredibly motivated to do their best or they are talented at drawing and painting, everybody is smart in their own way.

As I am an eighth grade student, I am beginning to start the application process for high schools.

There are five high schools to choose from. Two high schools are Catholic, two high schools are private, and one high school is public. To get into the Catholic and private high schools, you have to apply. The application consists of essay questions and a standardized test. Because of the fact that I am applying to all four high schools, I have a lot of applications to fill out. Hopefully, fingers crossed, I get into all four.

As fall has just began in America, my schedule has quickly gone from zero to one hundred. In the fall, I play two sports, soccer and volleyball. My soccer team consists of kids from all over my city, which gives me a chance to meet kids outside of school. Recently, we competed in a tournament about one hour from where I live. My volleyball season just began two weeks ago. My team, which consists of girls from my grade at school, is not very good. Last year, we didn’t win a single game. However, we have a lot of fun together at practices and games, which makes everything worth it.

When I was looking at the Akili Dada website, I saw that you wear uniforms to school.

Similarly, I also wear uniforms, but mine look slightly different. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I wear a khaki skirt, a blue polo, and a gray sweatshirt. Because I have physical education on Mondays and Fridays, I wear red mesh shorts and a blue shirt. Personally, I enjoy wearing uniforms because you don’t have to worry about what you are going to wear.

As I have been talking about writing to you for years, it is unreal to me that my dream to communicate with a girl like myself in Kenya has come true.

In the future, I hope that we can continue to talk back and forth about our lives, our opinions, and our views on the world.

Your friend,