Letter from Christine

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Letter from Christine

akili-logo2My name is Christine.

I was born in November of 1999. I have grown up in a family of five; my mother, grandmother, my two sisters and I. We live a simple but happy life.

I went to school; Kindergarten at the local kindergarten. I have loved school since I was small thus I enjoyed it. I made sure I did all my homework.

I went to school at Milimani primary school. There I met people and made many new friends. In class three I became the class prefect. I retained the position till class seven when I decided to hand over.

I joined The Kenya High School; a school that has taught me many life lessons. I am now in form 3 and doing my best to excel.

In my life, I have always valued my family. They are always my true friends, always there for me.

I also value my education because it is something given to me without discrimination. I value my scholarship from Akili Dada. I believe that with integrity, the world would be a much better place to live in. these are just some of my values.

In life, I want to do many things.

I want to learn Spanish and ballet. I also want to do community service. I want to take ballet lessons to my community because it’s something I always wanted but never did. I want to govern the Central Bank of Kenya and also travel all over the world.

— Christine