Letter from Emma


Letter from Emma


Dear Friend,

My name is Emma. I live in California, a state in America, and I attend Saint Hilary School in Tiburon.

I am twelve years old and am in the seventh grade.

I love my school and the place I live in for many reasons. There are many rolling hills and mountains and beautiful, deep blue bays surrounding us.

What does Kenya look like? I am curious to know.

I love school very much because it allows me to learn something new every day! I also love spending time with all my friends during the day. I have also heard many wonderful, inspiring facts about your school program, Akili Dada. Do you enjoy school?

My favorite subjects are Literature and History.

I love to learn about our world and its history.   I cannot wait to learn more about you, Kenya, and your school.

Do you have a favorite subject? Maybe we have something in common!

I have participated in different sports for many years. Some of them include, basketball, volleyball, and soccer.

Have you ever played any sports? If so, which ones?