Letter from Evelyn

Evelyn Kavumbi

Letter from Evelyn


My name is Everlyn. I am a student in my last High School year. I am Kenyan, aged seventeen.

I love my country and I believe it is one good country to be in. I love reading as well as writing.

I am writing to share my views on women taking up Presidential posts in their countries. First, I think women are key in promoting development and that will do good to their countries. There are very excellent ideas which if implemented would be major steps to development and are attributed to women.

I think it is important that women take up Presidential posts since the world has accepted women leaders and really supported them. This is evident since women have already been assigned demanding and high posts in governance.

Take Theresa May, Britain’s Prime Minister for an example. She is a woman who is regarded highly in Britain.


British Prime Minister Theresa May

Hillary Clinton is running for USA’s Presidency and there is also Liberia’s Ellen Sirleaf.

Women are more flexible to adapting change their way. This is very instrumental in ensuring that a country adapts to ideas and corrections from the citizens and other leaders. This is key to promoting development in a country.

It is also easier to take up presidential positions now since discrimination against women leaders has been reduced in the world. Their male counterparts have accepted their ability in governance and are now helping them acquire the positions instead of pulling them down.

It is therefore time that people stop viewing women taking leadership positions, especially the presidency, as cringe-making.

Women are capable and therefore should stop holding themselves back.

— Evelyn