Letter from Fatuma

Fatuma Sheban

Letter from Fatuma


Dear Friend,

I am a form two student in The Kenya High School. How are you there in USA? It is my hope that you are well and having a good time there.

I am there so strong and healthy enough. I am an honest and truthful student.

The aim of writing this letter is to share with you about my views of having women as presidents. I see that both male and female are to be given equal opportunities since all things are not `man’ made. Women can also do what a man can or even better thus we should also have them as presidents.

Women are leaders. They direct people to the correct path and why can’t they be presidents?

Some females seemed to be suffering because they cannot address some matters to the male leaders.

By having women presidents, our rights are not going to be denied from us. Everything is going to be equal, fair and justice in terms of distribution. This is no longer a man world; we can also lead the country.

I am looking forward working in this challenge and observe what is going to happen.

Let us all stand, be united and fight for our rights. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours loving,