Letter from Kaelee


Letter from Kaelee


Hello Friend,

I just joined Pencils For Africa, an educational program at my school that works to change the narrative of Africa by teaching about it’s cultures and peoples. I am learning so much about Akili Dada.

At my school I really enjoy history and learning about our past. I hope you enjoy history and school as well because my teacher always told me that one if the reasons we learn history is to learn from our mistakes. What is your favorite subject at school?

I also really enjoy all our after school clubs. I have joined Get Some Give Some which is a middle school club that serves and helps others.

Drama is also another club I have admired the past years not only being in the plays but watching them. Last year our school preformed Peter Pan and although I wasn’t in it I still really enjoyed watching it. Do you get to be in any clubs with friends?

I hope to learn more about you thank you!