Letter from Keziah

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Letter from Keziah


Dear Friend,

I hope that you are fine. I greet you from here. I am a form two student in The Kenya High School. I hope that you are doing well in the USA.

The aim of writing this letter to you is to share with you my reasons and views of having more women as presidents.

Gender equality being my main reason, both men and women should be given equal opportunities in participating in the development of a country. Women have a heart of compassion and not only tend to engage in bribery and corruption issues.

Even here in Kenya, I have that as an example especially in traffic officers.

You will find that the small bribe in driver licenses is taken by male officers and not females.

A woman’s mind is subdivided into very, many portions but all portions are attached thus meaning that a woman is focused on achieving every goal she has in life. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage because she may get confused in the middle at all her goals thus gaining none but on the advantageous side of it, she will know how to divide each opportunity she gets to every sector in the development of her country.

Not like males who only focus on one thing till it is done thus losing many opportunities.

With this I think I support women leaders to the fullest. I look forward to working in this challenge with you and hope that you also support it.

Yours friendly,