Letter from Lenah

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Letter from Lenah


Dear young friend in the USA,

I am a young girl like you in the Kenya High School. I am in form one. To me life is not that easy.

You have to learn to persevere and be ready to change for anything that will be of importance to you.

According to my opinion, I see the idea of having more women presidents as the best idea that man has ever come up with.

We all know well that educating a girl child is like educating the whole nation. Women leaders have great power and they have potential to lead their countries in the right direction.

A country without women leaders is like somebody without future. The tomorrow of such people is full of darkness.

The reason for this idea and it should be fully exploited is that we have witnessed great women like Queen Elizabeth driving their countries and they have prospered. Women do not govern with their strength but with their brains.

If all African countries would get the chance to be governed by women, Africa would be a small heaven on earth.

From your loving sister,