Letter from Mariana

Mariana Kache

Letter from Mariana


Dear Friend,

Hi! I am Marianar, a form two student at the Kenya High School.

I am fine here at school and I hope you are also fine wherever you are.

Following and concerning the 21st century feminism I decided and long to be a feminist by choice.

I don’t know about you, are you one or you are planning to be one of the feminists?

The main reason why I am writing this letter to you dear friend is to tell you about my view of having women as presidents.

My point of view is that women have been considered as people whose work is in the kitchen but honestly this is not true. I realized that anything a man can do a woman can do even better and where there is a successful man there must be a woman behind him.

What do I mean? Both men and women are equal and should not be discriminated in terms of leadership positions and in their education.

In most communities women and girls are not allowed to do things that are done by men: actually I did not understand at first but then I came to realize that it’s not that they cannot do them, it’s just because of gender inequality and this should come to an end.

Women are capable and are able to rule their countries but, because they are not given the opportunity for them to rule and use their ability.

Women are very important people. The one who said that women are weak vessels was one I don’t understand. I think he meant the other way round.

Women are very powerful people. They should be given the opportunity because any place where there is no woman is like a river without a source.

The reason why we should have women as presidents is that many women will be inspired and having some of them as presidents, there will be a change concerning gender inequality and there will be no gender discrimination and looking down upon women will not be, if only women get that opportunity to lead their respective countries. I am looking forward to hear from you soon as we continue with this programme.

Yours sincerely,