Letter from Mary

Mary Onyango

Letter from Mary


Hello Friend!

It’s my hope that you are doing fine wherever you are. My name is Mary.

I am sixteen years old turning seventeen on the 18th of November. I am current in my second last year of high school.

To start off who is a president? Many will say a leader of the republic or a certain nation.

Well then, what of the people in charge of some clubs, organizations or colleges? These people are still the bosses in their situation hence therefore there is no harm in calling them the presidents of their institutions.

It is vivid that presidency has always been dominated by the male gender.

The fun part is that beyond every successful man there is a woman and as the common say goes, what a man can do a woman can do better.

Let’s take for example Her Excellency Ellen Sir Leaf Johnson, President of Liberia:


Ellen Sirleaf Johnson, the President of Liberia

We are all witnesses of the great work she had done to her nation. Will it not be better if the number of women like her in this post increased?

I identify myself as a feminist and I am working my way towards becoming an activist therefore I stand and fight for women.

Just the way we often judge things by looking at the outward appearance is how women are judged. Women and girls have talents and skills that when given the chance to disclose then surely the world would be no longer the same. Why not let such a person be the president?

The caring attitude of women is constantly given as an excuse of not being given chance to run the presidency.

Let me take you back to give my definition of a good leader. This is a person who gives others the chance to give their views on a certain topic, then putting into consideration of everybody’s strength and weakness comes up with a defined rule that benefits the whole institution.

It is a call to all of us to assist the girl child and women and give them the voice so that they can make a change.

President is not defined as male or a female leader. Therefore even women can venture into this field.

With enough support and good guidance women presidents can set a record never to be beaten by male presidents.

It was very nice getting a chance to share my opinion on this subject with you. Goodbye and be blessed.

Your friend,