Letter from Sharon K.

Sharon Korir 2

Letter from Sharon K.


Dear Friend,

How will the world be with having a woman president?

I think this country would be the amazing place to be. Sometimes I wonder; will this dream come true?

But let me prove myself wrong because it is true it is coming and so I should stop doubting myself.

If a woman could become the president, I think the issue of discriminating women in the society would end.

This is because the woman president has been part of women and they will, therefore, fight for our rights as women. They are fully aware of the problems we face as women in the society and, therefore, they will be part of the crusaders of fighting for the rights of women in the society.

Moreover, the woman president would inspire young and intelligent girls to strive hard in their various schools to excel in their academics so as to become the presidents of this country.

This will lead to economic growth of our country due to high excellence and improved number of professionals in various fields.

I think having a woman president will inspire all women in the world to fight for various leadership positions.

Yours Faithfully,

Sharon Korir