Letter from Viet


Letter from Viet


Dear Friend,

I hope you had a grand summer. I have been researching Kenya’s landscape and it is pretty different from where I live near the city of San Francisco.

Kenya’s landscape is very beautiful and has many plants. The trees are large and the branches are spread out more with a kind of flat tree top. Near San Francisco the trees are fused together and it looks like a big leaf ball on a stick. Both of the trees where we live are unique and different. I

In San Francisco we we also have an enormous bridge that is golden, it is called the Golden Gate Bridge. Do you live near any bridges?

Another cool thing I saw when I researched Kenya was its sunsets.

The sunsets are really cool and reddish orange. Here, sunsets are blue and orange. Do you enjoy watching the sunset?

Kenya is a wonderful country with lots of nature, I hope to visit one day with my family!