Letter from Sharon A.

Sharon Awino

Letter from Sharon A.



Hello, I hope you are doing well.

My name is Sharon, from Precious Blood Secondary School- Riruta in Nairobi.

I am a Form Two aged 15, and the first girl in a family of four children. I am so glad that I am writing to speak to someone like you.

It is such a privilege and honor.

It’s been a long time since we wrote to each other. I guess it’s because of our studies. Anyway I’m glad I got a chance to write to you again.

So much has happened since we last spoke, I’ll share with you:

I finally got the opportunity to achieve my goal! I have started working on my education project and it’s moving on very fine.

But one thing’s wrong; I got this weird allergy. Can you imagine I’m going to spend the rest of my life without taking any kind of meat, because if I do I’m going to end up competing with leopards on who has the most spots on their body? It’s painful but I guess I’ll just have to accept it.

On another note, I hope you agree with me that women are very powerful individuals and hold a lot of potential within us.

Truth is, we have been denied ways in which we can unleash our potentials and show how worthy we are in the society. Women being presidents is not a big deal. Areas where women leadership has not been embraced are currently still lagging behind.

For instance, great women such as Angela Merkel, who is the Chancellor of Germany. Germany itself is doing so well.

Chancellor Merkel and President Obama

Chancellor Merkel and President Obama

Having women as presidents is very good, but due to the society’s approach of such an issue in one way or the other they make sure women don’t make it to the top and if they do, they will be brought down. I believe that this is a serious case of gender inequality.

Misconceptions about women in leadership are totally unacceptable.

We are all the same and we all have the capacity of doing whatever it is that men can do when given the opportunity.

We can change this, the both of us!

Wish I could write more but I guess I’ll end there. Please don’t forget to write back.

I am very excited and looking forward to reading your letter.

Sharon Awino